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At RDM we understand that records management may not be your first priority of the day, but it is for us. This is why we've been trusted by hundreds of companies to concentrate on their document management needs.

By providing document scanning services, off-site document storage, back office solutions and document management software, RDM will address all of your records management needs, so you can focus on creating value for your business. It is our goal to help organizations decrease costs, increase efficiency and begin delivering on the promise of the paperless office.

Outsourced Document Scanning Services

Document Scanning Projects usually begin the same way. It appears easy to convert paper using a scanner, but the truth is that there’s much more involved in the scanning process. Our services take care of your document imaging needs alleviating your headaches.

If you’re looking to outsource your document scanning, our services are just what you need. We can help support your imaging project and provide you with a cost-effective alternative to purchasing equipment, training your staff and doing the work yourself. Learn more about our Document Conversion services and how they can help your business.

Class Action Administrative Services

We assist legal and CPA firms with their class action administrative tasks. The RDM team takes care of many of the most important details, including claim forms printing, mass mailing and publication; form and notice monitoring, logging and proofing; class notice printing and mailing; database creation and maintenance; and more.

You can call us today at (215) 953-5175 to request more information.

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