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Frequently Asked Questions about Document Storage

As a company that offers document storage to Delaware businesses, we are often asked the same questions about our services and how they can benefit business owners and managers. Here are a few of the ones we hear the most frequently and our responses to them.

Q: I’m worried about how I’ll access my documents after they’ve been put into document storage. How can I still get my files and documents when I need them?

A: Your documents and files will still be readily available to you after you have hired us for our document storage services. You will have access to them any time you need them. We can assist you in purchasing the best imaging software for your needs. And we can also discuss other options with you.

Q: I have a scanner at my office. Why should I hire you to scan and store my documents?

A: Sure, there are plenty of scanners on the market. But our scanners are commercial grade and high speed, which means not only are the documents scanned at a faster rate, but they are also a higher quality scans. Plus, we have people in place who watch every scanner to ensure each page gets scanned properly and clearly. So our document storage and scanning services are probably faster and more accurate than what you could do at your office.

Q: Can I still keep my paper files and documents even after I’ve hired you for document storage?

A: Of course. They are your documents. But you can easily get rid of the paper when you are ready. You will see that our document storage services are quick, confidential and accurate. So you might decide that going completely paperless is your best bet.

Q: What sets your document storage services apart from the competition?

A: Simply put, it’s our attention to detail and our accuracy. Plus, we make sure that all of the documents in our document storage are secure and confidential. We want our clients to rest easy knowing their documents are safe from the threat of a data breach. We realize that a lot of these records are meant to be fully confidential, and we want everyone who hires us for document storage to have the peace of mind that they deserve knowing their files and data are safe.

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FAQs about EHRs

For the past couple of years, EHRs (Electronic Health Records) have been in the news quite a bit. Beginning this year, if a provider’s office has not switched to EHRs, they will begin to lose some of their reimbursements from Medicare. And as a company that provides EHR scanning in PA, we have kept a close eye on this law and its effects on providers’ offices throughout the area. Here is a brief rundown of some frequently asked questions about EHRs and EHR scanning services.

Q: What are some of the advantages of EHRs?

A: EHRs help providers and their staff members keep accurate and up to date information about their patients. The information is secure and remains confidential but can still be quickly and easily shared between providers, patients and other people who need to have access to these records. They help to improve the quality and accuracy of patient care, and they help reduce costs.

Q: What are some of the advantages of EHR scanning services from Resource Data Management?

A: Resource Data Management provides secure and confidential EHR scanning services. We can make sure your EHRs remain safe while providing you with the records that you need any time you need them. We can help you select the best imaging software for your needs, and this means paper records are eliminated. This also helps you become compliant with the new rules and regulations that govern EHRs.

Q: What penalties are there for providers that do not switch to EHRs?

A: The penalties for providers that do not switch to EHRs include an adjustment of the covered provider’s fee schedule amount by 1% for each year after 2015. There is an exception that providers can apply for, but that exception will not be given for more than five years total.

Q: Why should I choose Resource Data Management for my EHR scanning needs?

A: We are an experienced and trusted EHR scanning service, and we know exactly what to do to ensure your records stay confidential and safe from the threat of a data or security breach. We have an excellent reputation for our EHR scanning services and the other document management services we provide. We can even give you a free records management analysis when you call to find out more information.

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Three Myths about Paperless Offices and Outsourced Document Scanning Services

In today’s digital age, more and more offices are starting to look into going paperless by hiring outsourced document scanning services. Philadelphia business owners trust Resource Data Management to safely and securely store all of their records and other important data. And after years in this business, there are not a lot of myths and half-truths we have not heard. Here are a few of the most common myths we hear about going paperless and an explanation about why the myth is not 100% accurate.

Myth: When your office goes paperless, it is all or nothing.

Fact: When you look into outsourced document scanning services like Resource Data Management, you might think that you have to go completely paperless. But this is not the case! You do not have to have us scan every single document that comes through your office. We can tailor our services to meet your needs.

Myth: Paperless is not as secure as hard copy files.

Fact: When you get a hard copy file, it probably passes through several different hands. It could then sit in a box or out on a desk for a few hours or a few days, where anyone could see it and have access to it. And even if you lock your files away, there is always a chance those files could be breached. Outsourced document scanning services like Resource Data Management use encryption and other secure measures to make sure that your documents and files are scanned and stored away securely so you do not have to worry about someone else having access to your files and other important data.

Myth: Going paperless does not save any time in the long run.

Fact: Going paperless means that, instead of spending time at your filing cabinet trying to find the information you need, you simply use imaging software to quickly search for the information or file you need. You do not have to flip through countless files and pieces of paper to find what you want. Plus, outsourced document scanning services can help with file organization. You do not have to worry about a file being misfiled or misplaced. All of the information you want and need is at your fingertips!

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Document Scanning Service and Quality Control

When you are looking into a document scanning service in Delaware, you might have a few questions about the service and what it is they do. One of the biggest questions you might have is about what quality control measures they have in place to ensure your documents are accurately and securely scanned. Here is a brief rundown of the quality assurance measures a document scanning company like Resource Data Management takes to make sure all of the document scanning we do is as close to perfect as possible.

The first thing we do when you hire us as your document scanning service is we take all of your documents and group them together and sort them. From there, we will visually look over the documents, disassemble them as needed and then get them organized for scanning.

Then we start the actual scanning process. As the documents are scanning, our document scanning service will carefully monitor the output to ensure all of the papers are scanning as they should be and that the images from the scanning are coming out clearly.

From there, we will enhance the images and trim and resize them as necessary to ensure they are legible and easy to read. We index the documents after that. That way, they are organized in such a way that you can easily find what you need when you need it.

After this, we carefully and thoroughly review the scanned documents and indices to ensure they are accurate. This is where the bulk of the quality control measures come into play. All of our staff members that review these documents pay very close attention to detail.

Finally, the last couple of steps involve reassembling and refiling the paper documents so they are back in their original form. We then generate the final images and set them up so you can access them any time you want.

As you can see, our document scanning service has a very detailed and thorough procedure for quality control. Your documents are safe in our hands when you hire us as your document scanning service. You can ask us any questions you might have about our services and how they can help your business save money by going paperless.

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What to Look for When Choosing a Document Storage Company

When you are a business owner, you are already swamped with work. Running your business takes a lot of time, and keeping track of employees and caring for customers takes up a lot of your energy too. So when you are trying to decide on a company for document storage in Trenton, we know how confusing it can get. Here are a few suggestions on what to look for and how Resource Data Management can help with your document storage needs.

Depending on what industry you are in, document shredding might be an option. But in this day and age, many businesses need to keep hold of old documents because of federal regulations and other statutory obligations. So off-site document storage has shot up in popularity over the years.

Security is usually the biggest concern for those choosing a document storage company. A company like Resource Data Management takes every step necessary to ensure every document is totally safe and secure, both electronically and the actual hard copy file. We stay up to date on the latest trends and technology when it comes to document storage services.

Access to your files is another concern when thinking about document storage. You want to make sure you get the most up to date imaging software. Resource Data Management can also help with that aspect of document storage. We can help you choose the best document imaging software to suit your business’ needs.

Finally, read some online reviews of the document storage company. For example, Resource Data Management has some positive reviews on Google+. You should also try to find some colleagues or fellow business owners that have used a document storage company like Resource Data Management. Ask them about their experiences with the company and if they would recommend that company to you. Try to read several reviews online or talk to current or former customers.

Doing a little bit of homework now on document storage companies could save you time, money and hassle in the long run! You want to be sure the document storage company you use is both secure and focused on customer service. That way, when you need an important document, you can quickly and easily access it without any trouble.

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